GPX Creator is an open-source desktop application used to create, view, edit, and analyze GPX files, routes, and tracks. The program is focused toward outdoor activities such as backpacking, hiking, and biking, and it can intelligently find paths and create routes on backcountry trails. Use the links below to try the software out! It can be used in many different ways: as a GPX creator, a GPX editor, a GPX analyzer, or simply as a GPX viewer.

Current version 0.1-beta3

Launch with web start
Download executable
Get the source code (Javadoc)
note: you must have Java (1.6 or higher) installed to use GPX Creator



Please send questions/comments/feedback to infogpxcreatorcom.
There is also a support forum here.

Version history

0.1-beta3 | 2020-07-27 | maintenance update
0.1-beta2 | 2015-06-02 | maintenance update
0.1-beta | 2013-04-04 | initial release

Credit where credit is due

This application made possible by:
Bing Maps
MapQuest Open
Icons from fatcow, nuvola, and boolean


The GPX Creator binaries and source code are distributed with the GNU General Public License.